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Biotopix Specific Flash Instant Lifting Serum is the ideal anti-aging serum, regenerating for instant skin rightness and facial tightening. BIOTOPIX Specific Flash Instant Lifting Serum, with its composition naturally rich in proteins, minerals, amino acids, contains an active ingredient made with milk proteins and is suitable for all skin types.

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Biotopix Specific Flash Instant Lifting Serum enables the creation of a ‘mechanical lifting’ while tightening the tissues and making skin younger and firmer. Besides, the distribution of amino acids is responsible for hydrogen bonds and hydrophobic interactions. The formulated active ingredient gives a radiance touch to the skin, improves cellular cohesion by the proteins cross-linking, and maintains the stratum corneum equilibrium.

  • How to use it?

Apply small dabs to the entire face and neck starting in the facial T-zone and working up to the temples. Smooth over the forehead, from the frown line outwards. An only a small amount of product is needed. It is very important to avoid any facial expression or movement during the drying-up of the product in order to have the full effect. Allow penetrating the skin for 5 minutes before applying makeup.

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