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  • Silicone gel Scar treatment.
  • Quick-drying clear gel for prevention & reduction of prominent immature scars.
  • Help reduce pain, itching, redness & height of scars.

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Dermatix ® -Topical silicone gel for scar prevention in freshly healed wounds & reduction of prominent immature scars.

What is Dermatix ® gel?
Dermatix is a clear quick-drying gel that helps maintain the skin’s moisture balance, whilst treating scars resulting from surgery, burns, & other injuries. Dermatix® has been shown to flatten, soften & smooth scars as well as reduce any associated redness. Dermatix® gel is easily applied to all areas of the skin, including the face, joints & flexures, & dries quickly to form an invisible “sheet”

Dermatix®made using the same basic long-chain polymers as silicone gel sheeting is available in a tube. The gel, containing polysiloxane, is available in tubes of 15g.

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