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Herb Care Herbal Mosquito Repellant Spray 50ml

Can be used to protect from disease carrier mosquitoes who cause diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Phylaria, Sand flies, and other biting insects.

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Directions for Use: Shake well before use. Spray directly on exposed skin or clothing. For children before 3 years, spray on the dress only. Does not stain, spray directly to white or colored clothing. Avoid spraying on eyes, mouth, and sensitive areas. Keep away from children. Store in a cool, dry place.

If sprayed on the eyes, wash thoroughly with water

Ingredients: Citronella (Pelargonium Citrosum), Lemongrass, Kekuna (Cinnamomum Verum), Eucalyptus, Water

Patented Product. Tested and Analyzed by ITI/MRI (MRI field test result: 94.11)
Made in Sri Lanka

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