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Ivahidra Emollient Body Cream Is an intense moisturizing Cream for atopic-prone Sensitivity Dry and Very dry skin that works through all the essential mechanisms of hydration to Provide a Deep immediate and long-term Hydration. this  200ml moisturizing cream solution is recommended for Adults, Children and Babies to be used twice daily morning and evening.

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Ivahidra Emollient Body Cream uses the most innovative & traditional ingredients Available in French Derma cosmetics such as Herculane Thermal Water, Aquphyline, Karite Butter, Alpha-Bisabol & Glycerine which have been proven to deliver an intense moisturizing function for atopic-prone Sensitivity Dry and Very dry skin by


  1. Repairing and restructuring very dry, atopic-prone sensitive skin
  2. Emollient action, hydrates dry and irritated skin, restores skin barriers
  3. Reduces coetaneous sensitivity and reactivity



Apply morning and evening on clean, dry skin. It is very well tolerated by the delicate skin of children and babies.

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