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Nature’s Way Hair Growth Support + Biotin & silicon Tablets are a one-a-day boost of the key nutrients you need to help:
Support hair health
Support hair growth
Support hair thickness
Support hair strength
Maintain healthy hair follicles
Reduce free radicals formed in the body

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Getting your hair to be long, thick and shiny might be the goal but it’s harder than it seems. Colouring, heat styling, extensions and even braids or ponytails every day all cause damage to your hair.
Plus not getting enough of the vitamins and minerals to support hair growth in your diet means that long, healthy hair can seem like it’s never going to happen. Nature’s Way Hair Growth Support + Biotin & Silicon tablets contain key nutrients to help support hair growth, thickness, and strength.

Biotin : Your body uses biotin for the breakdown of dietary protein into amino acids that are components of keratin formulation.
Iron : Yoi may find you have dry, brittle hair if dietary iron requirements are not being met.
Silicon : Ever noticed how babies and children have such soft shiny hair? The body’s natural silicon drops as we get older but it’s an important nutrient to support hair thickness and strength.

With nature’s Way hair Growth Support + Biotin & Silicon, You can take your hair to new lengths and kiss bad hair days goodbye!

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