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Moisturizing soap

Neutrate Moisturizing bar is a handmade soap which contains essential oils, Natural vegetable glycerin & Vitamin E extracts which helps in moisturizing & repairing damaged skin.

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Neutrate Bar
Neutrate bar is a scientifically produced soap using a hot processing method to retain
naturally occurring Glycerin & Vitamin E that helps your skin to lock the moisture and
Active ingredients-
Vitamin E- This is super antioxidant protection for the skin to maintain the integrity &
the beauty of complexion.
Glycerin-Glycerin is humectant, which means it can attract moisture. Due to this effect it
attracts moisture to the skin and keeps it locked.
Speciality of Neutrate Soap
• NEUTRATE Keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated.
• NEUTRATE cleans the skin while preserving the Natural Oil Layer of the skin
• Neutrate prevents skin wrinkling, dryness and keeps the skin bright and soft.
• Neutrate is 100% natural and also suitable for children and babies.
• Glycerin soaps dissolve faster than other soaps and it does not leave a film on the skin.

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