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For Dry & Normal Hair
Nourishes Roots
Prevents Hair Loss
Speeds up Hair Growth
Promotes New Hair Growth
Clinical Studies & Safety Test Results
+121% Increase in Hair Shaft Growth
+146% Increase in the Number of Molecules that Prevent hair Loss
Peptide Rich Complex
Vitamin rich Complex
Mineral Rich Complex

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Thinning Hair and Hair Loss
The causes of hair loss can include High Dihydrotestosterone level (Alopecia), poor nutrition, hormonal changes, certain prescription drugs, pregnancy, menopause, genetics, poor micro-circulation, stress, trauma environmental conditions, smoking, aggressive cosmetic treatments and seborrhea.
These major causes of hair loss reduce period of hair growth phase and force premature hair follicles into the shedding phase. If the deterioration of the hair life cycle is not prevented, hair follicles start to produce thinner, smaller and colorless hair which results in permanent hair loss.

A Unique Formula
NUTRIGROW is the first anti hair loss formula to show a “Mitotic Effect” against hair loss.
It’s unique Mitotic effect directly influences and increases the production of cells responsible for the production of hair and results indense and strong hair growth.
NUTRIGROW has a unique mineral/vitamin, peptide-bearing active complex formed by bonding three essential amino acids to Vitamin H (Biotin). The unique active complex of NUTRIGROW returns hair to a healthy growth cycle.

Triple Action Complex Against Hair Loss
The Triple-Action formula produce ‘THREE” direct effects on hair growth. Each action contains specially formulated active ingredients which work synergistically to prevent hair loss, increase amount of healthy hair and make hair growth faster.

Action 1 : Prevents Hair Loss (RESTORATIVE PEPTIDE COMPLEX : Reduces the activity of 5αreductase type 1&2 and improves blood circulation.)
Action 2 : Stimulates CELL PROLIFERATION for new hair growth (VITAMIN ESSENTIAL COMPLEX directly increases the production of cells responsible for the production of new hair)
Action 3 : Promotes FASTER HAIR GROWTH and prolongs hair life (MINERAL FERMENT COMPLEX provides a 121% increase in hair growth speed and enhances hair anchoring to prolong hair life)

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