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High Energy; 456kCal/100g powder (251/serving)
Probiotic (Lactobacillus paracasei); 1 billion CFUs / 100g powder
Prebiotics (FOS + Inulin)
High fiber; 5.6g/100g powder
More Vitamin-E; 75 mg α TE (83 IU) /100g powder
Unique and specifically designed combination of Protein (50%Whey:50%Casein) + Vitamin-E + Probiotic + Prebiotic
Easy scoop technology

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Sustacal is specifically designed to meet the needs of older adults. Sustacal supports elders’ health by helping them regain strength so they can enjoy being active and independent and strengthen immunity to fight off sickness. It can be used orally as well as a tube-feeding supplement. Sustacal contains probiotics, prebiotics, high quality protein, essential vitamins and minerals, and it is lactose free, gluten free.

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