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Used against very strong thinning hair. For intensive treatment due to damaged & exhausted hair and scalp conditions.

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The THYMUSKIN® FORTE line is used for VERY strong Thinning hair problems and is specially developed for damaged, exhausted hair and scalp conditions. THYMUSKIN® FORTE is very beneficial for intensive needs, especially for hair care during chemotherapy. With THYMUSKIN® FORTE, you receive +100% more of the active and patented ingredient GKL-02 and extra high levels of premium hair care ingredients which strengthens the immune defense and rejuvenates the hair follicle.

THYMUSKIN® FORTE Serum is the second part of the THYMUSKIN® 2-STEP System. The Serum is used for application to the Scalp. especially used for universal (all types and all stages) of Thinning hair problems. It is an important part of managing your thinning hair as it delivers the active ingredients directly to the scalp.

Please note, the 100ml size is for a 50-day application.

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